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Happy Yeti Vase

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A new version of Happy Susto collection, designed by Jaime Hyon. “From when I was little, I always found the Yeti story funny - that snow monster that wants to frighten those that go to the north pole. Converted into a vase, you can put plants in the head so that it looks like it has hair and scares a little more. The little decorations, not only have a decorative purpose, but also can have artistic value and an emotional one where a sense of humour fits in”.   Glazed ceramic vase in white with decorations in black as finish look. 


Glazed ceramic vase in white with decorations in black.


Small: 24 x 10 x h.34 cm
Large: 33 x 14 x h.47 cm

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Approximately 1 week from order confirmation with maximum 1 unit per order

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