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New additions to the Explorer Collection. Sculpturally dynamic ceramic vases that resemble rockets.

«The shapely forms of the pieces in the Explorer Collection, have been condensed into these vases. They are objects that are part of my cosmos, taken from my drawings. The materialisation of these requires great skill, because of the apparent contradiction of joining a ceramic rounded piece to another rounded shape.» Jaime Hayon

The name Explorer reminds one of rockets that were sent to the moon and other planets for exploration. The artist and designer from Madrid, does the same with materials and shapes to make new creations. His language is always linked with the beauty and quality of artisanal manufacturing.

This is a new addition to this very special collection, which started off with eye catching combinations and gloss finished side tables. The rounded shapes are matched up really well with the shades and colours chosen. These are different objects within the market and want to convert into singular ones, as they are not just functional, but sculpturally dynamic.





Made of several pieces of glazed ceramic in different colors.


Nº1: 23 x h.40 cm
Nº2: 25 x h.35 cm
Nº3: 30 x h.40 cm

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Approximately 9-10 weeks from order confirmation with maximum 1 unit per order