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A series of multi-color and mono-color side tables designed by Jaime Hayon, inspired by the playful jelly-beans, sweets children eat in the US.

This childlike inspiration has at the same time a very elegant beauty which generally is characterised in my designs. It’s about new shapes, different objects within the market that want to convert into emblematic pieces because these tables are not only functional but sculpturally strong. Painting some of the parts with a gloss finish and others in matte at the same time, reflective top surfaces and the different combinations of colours give an even more richness to the collection which pretends to be blatantly decorative. They are pieces that communicate. There are also monocolour versions carrying the same sculptural character, exclusively offered through BD.



Laquered fibreglass body. Solid turned wooden legs and lacquered. Painted glass table top.


M.40: Ø40 x h.50 cm
M.60: Ø60 x h.46 cm
M.100: Ø100 x h.42 cm

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Approximately 4-5 weeks from order confirmation with maximum 1 unit per order per model