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There’s a theory that the introduction of coffee to Europe from the Arab world was the catalyst for the Enlightenment back in the 1700s. Alfredo Häblerli’s design for a commemorative coffee set for Dubai’s 2021 World Exhibition was inspired by its deep cultural roots. Now it has been adapted to commemorate BD Barcelona’s 50th anniversary.

Doobide Collection is inspired in emirates’ society coffee tradition and has been designed to celebrate BD 50th anniversary. The collection consists of a limited edition of 50 numbered crockery sets. It is available in five different colour ranges and 5 graphics: green, beige, flesh, grey, and blue. Each range contains 10 crockery sets. It is composed of a teapot and 6 teacups (3 different models). The pieces are made out of dyed porcelain and painted by hand in platinium.



Mass-dyed porcelain pieces in different colours and hand painted in platinum.


16 x 16 x h.18 cm - 0,8 kg - 830 ml capacity
6,3 x 6,3 x h.7” - 1,8 lb - 0,22 gal lqd capacity

6,5 x 6,5 x h.5,6 cm - 0,12kg
2,6 x 2,6 x h.2,2” - 0,3 lb

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